Topps Now – Arrieta’s 2nd No-Hitter

The past few years I’ve watched more Cubs games than Twins. This is partly do to my lack of Cable TV. I do get a monthly MLB.TV subscription once or twice a year and since the Twins are blacked out I watch the Cubs.

I think I started watching last night’s game around the 5th inning.

Since it was such a great game to watch I finally bit the bullet and bought a TOPPS NOW card.

Rather than pay $10 for a single card I opted for the 5 for $30 option.

I’ll probably post one on COMC in the next few months so that means I have three copies to send to trading partners.

Let me know if you’d like a copy and we can hopefully work out a deal!

7 thoughts on “Topps Now – Arrieta’s 2nd No-Hitter

  1. This is the first Topps Now that has really caught my intrigue. I’d definitely be interested in working out a trade – I’ll have to check out my trade stash. I can be reached at tonyburbs at

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  2. Do you still have one available? I’d definitely be interested if you do, though I hate the Now concept. Email me if you want to work something out.
    Tntcardsstg at Gmail

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