2015 Allen & Ginter

BASE – Minis
54 Javier Baez – Chicago Cubs RC
216 Jake Lamb – Arizona Diamondbacks RC
Ancient Armory
AA-1 Catapult
AA-5 Chu Ko Nu
AA-11 Claymore
AA-16 Tomahawk
AA-19 Cutlass
Great Scott!
GS-2 Big Bang
GS-3 Polio Vaccine
GS-6 Deoxyribonucleic Acid
GS-10 Dolly the Sheep

Keys to the City
KTC-3 Liberty Bell
KTC-7 Golden Gate Bridge
KTC-8 The Space Needle
Menagerie of the Mind
MM-6 Pegasus
MM-8 Werewolf
MM-10 Cerberus
MM-13 Cyclops
MM-15 Banshee
MM-20 Centaur
What Once Was Believed
WAS-1 Flat Earth
WAS-9 California Island
WAS-10 Geocentric Solar System
What Once Would Be
WOULD-7 Easy-clean furniture
WOULD-10 Lunar Colonization
Box Loaders
B-6 Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers
B-10 Javier Baez – Chicago Cubs
PCB-1 Christ the Redeemer – Brazil
PCB-2 The Great Wall – China
PCB-3 Mount Rushmore – United States of America
PCB-4 St. Basil’s Cathedral – Russia
PCB-5 Eiffel Tower – France
PCB-6 Mount Fuji – Japan
PCB-7 Big Ben – United Kingdom
PCB-8 Angkor Wat – Cambodia
PCB-9 Colosseum – Italy
PCB-10 Great Pyramid of Giza – Egypt