Hobby Box Break #10 – 2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1

Baseball season is over. The Royals are the 2015 Champions and I’m almost done with completing my 2015 Update set. It’s time to broaden my horizons.


My local card shop, THREE STARS SPORTCARDS, had this box for $20 less than the boxes on ebay.


First card. I like the design. Sharp picture. Pleasing to the eye.


My Relic. For some reason I like getting Hockey relics much more than Baseball ones. Perhaps it’s because sweaters are just so much cooler than jerseys.


One of the inserts sets. The bottom right is a blue parallel. These are okay. I haven’t paid attention to the NHL in a few years so my player collection list has names like Jagr, Bure, Hasek, and Kariya. Ovechkin was just starting out the last year I followed hockey so I’ll probably hang on to him. The others are up for trade.


Another insert set. These are much more appealing to me. ┬áThere are 60 total cards in the set and I have 4. It’ll be interesting to see if I can complete it through trades.


There are also canvas variants. These seem to be similar stock to UD Masterpieces – a set that I love!


The draw of the set and the box is the Short Printed Young Guns. Connor McDavid is this year’s stud but Max Domi and Dylan Larkin are also drawing a bit of attention due to their hot starts. I pulled a bunch of “meh”s.

Here are some of my favorite pics from my box.



I wonder what the players do with all of the hat trick hats?



It’s great to see the joy on kids faces. I took my son skating for the first time last year so the Marleau card speaks to me.


Roar! Bear claw! Talk to the hand . . .


Cartoon cameo!


Are they trying to get a squirrel out of the rafters?!


You should never use blocks of cheese for protection.


Ramo! That might have to be my new celebration chant. Hockey has a history of great names. Beukeboom. Satan. Jagr. Bonk. Hossa. Puppa. And many more. Now – RAMO!


Chara is a giant! 6’9″. I used to work at the Saint Paul Hotel. Most of the visiting hockey teams would stay at the hotel the night before they played the MN Wild. I always recognized Chara because he was a head taller than every other player and our chairs were drastically too small for the guy.


Speaking of the Wild – Here are my team cards!


170 of 200 base

12 inserts

6 Young Guns SPs

1 relic

No Doubles!

I did purchase another box and complete the base set. The 6 Young Guns in that box were pretty “meh” as well. Let me know if you need any base since I have about 140 doubles and would be willing to part with the Shining Stars inserts, too!

Thanks for reading!