Dances With Trades #5 – 2015 Heritage inserts

I’ve had really good experiences trading with members of the facebook group TOPPS BASEBALL CARD COLLECTORS.

Stephen Jones helped me nearly complete the 2015 Heritage insert set Baseball Flashbacks.

2015 heritage fb

He collects Astros if you have any cool ones that need a new home.

Mr. Bob Andrews sent me some 2013 Heritage cards I forgot to scan. I sent him what I could for 2011 Heritage. He needs some more SPs from 2011 and 2012 Heritage if you have any of those.

I’d highly recommend joining the facebook group and getting involved with the community. Both of those gentlemen were a pleasure dealing with.

Hobby Box Break #3 – 2015 Topps Heritage

As stated in my GIVEAWAY post, I wasn’t planning on buying a box of Heritage. Last year I bought one pack from The Big Red Bullseye and the cards fit snuggly in a single 9 pocket page.

I just don’t collect enough modern-day star players to warrant a meaningful return from buying an entire box.

But, after opening 22 of the 24 packs I have to admit I really like this years Heritage set! The card stock is thicker and more cardboard-ish than the Topps main set. The inclusion of the team managers and the team cards harkens back to the pre-90’s. The cards look great in a three-ring binder.

2015 Topps Heritage Box

2015 Topps Heritage Box

The first thing I saw after opening the box was this pack.


And this is what popped out.



I’ve never heard of Pappas but I’ll be on the lookout for him now while I’m playing my 20th season of OOTP Baseball.


Watson was on my fantasy team for a while last year. I love the stare of intimidation he has for my previous sentence.


This was my first insert. I believe it’s a chrome refractor #466/ 566.

2015 heritage sp

Here’s the short prints. I’m not going to collect them so they are all for trade.

trout 500

I don’t collect Trout either. This is the color swapped SP.  I really want the 2011 Topps Update set but I’m not willing to pay the price for the Trout RC. If anyone is willing to sell the update set without Trout let me know! This card is up on ebay already since I saw it was selling for more than $20. More $ in my paypal means more cards for me!


My first Auto! I think I’m going to hold on to this as a memento even though I’ve never heard of Mr. Wakefield.

2015 heritage then 7 now

Then & Now inserts. I really like the Kershaw and Koufax card. That’s a keeper! I’ll probably hang on to the Twins slugger, too.

2015 heritage nap

Another Kershaw. He’s one of the few Modern stars I collect.

2015 Heritage flashbacks

I like the history of the Flashbacks cards but not the design.

Final Tally-

176 – base (425)

11 – inserts

1 – auto

1 – buyback

10 – SP


199 total cards out of 22 packs. That’s about $0.37 per/card. That’s a little steep for set collecting, in my view, so I won’t be buying another box.

I do think I’ll try to complete the set through trades and perhaps a few Big Red Bullseye packs.

If you haven’t joined my GIVEAWAY – DO! FREE CARDS! My 4-year-old son will be randomly choosing the winner on Tuesday Night. Thanks for reading and let me know if you are interested in trading for any of the cards shown!

Addiction as Therapy GIVEAWAY #1 – 2015 Topps Heritage

2015 Topps Heritage Box

2015 Topps Heritage Box

I wasn’t going to do it.

There I was, though; My 18-month-old daughter, wrapped in her puffy pink jacket, sleeping on my shoulder; Staring down a stack of 2015 Heritage Hobby Boxes.

I bought one.

I like the look of last year’s set much more but that box was an additional $10.

I think I’m going to see how much of a complete set I get, minus short prints, before I decide if I’m going to collect the set or not.

Either way – Time for a GIVEAWAY!

Here’s what you have to do to enter.

1) Comment on this post with a team and/or player you collect.

2) Tell someone else about this GIVEAWAY through your blog, facebook page, twitter, or accost a stranger on the street.

That’s all!

Once I finish opening the box I’ll randomly choose a lucky winner. If more than 10 people enter I’ll also choose a runner-up.

Grand Prize Winner:

Will receive 1 unopened pack from my nifty 2015 Topps Heritage box plus some non-base cards of the Team/Player in their comment.

The runner-up will receive non-base cards of the Team/Player in their comment.

Open to USA residents only. I’m not willing to pay international shipping charges!

Who doesn’t like FREE cards?

Death's Head says, "Free cards, Yes?"

Death’s Head says, “Free cards, Yes?”