Hobby Box Break #2 – Topps 2014 Update

After opening all of the packs from my first 2015 box I was craving more.

Three Stars Sportcards had a special on the 2014 Update box – $40. I didn’t have any of the cards and that seemed like a good price point for me to hopefully get a near complete set as well as some cool inserts.

This is my box. My box is amazing. Give it a lick. Mmm. It tastes just like . . .

This is my box. My box is amazing. Give it a lick. Mmm. It tastes just like . . .

I think the key card from this set was the Jacob DeGrom RC. I opened one regular and one gold.


Lot of gold all-stars. Too bad none of them are players I collect.




Heh. Tim McGarver buyback.



Some more inserts of players I don’t collect. Who wants them?


I can’t say Power Players without saying it like The Power Rangers theme song.


Rookie inserts.


Lots of Yankees in the Diecuts. Who wants them? They always demolish my Twins in the playoffs.


Nice looking card, but, yet again, I don’t collect Miggidy Cabriggitty.

And here’s the highlight of the box –

Jose Abreu 1/1 Platinum 2014 Topps Update #100

Jose Abreu 1/1 Platinum 2014 Topps Update #100

I collect for the fun of it and don’t really care about making a profit. But, I don’t collect Abreu and since this was just a checklist I didn’t think it was cool enough to hang onto and I was sure someone out there would love it.

I threw it up on ebay with the hope of maybe making the $40 I spent on the box. With one hour to go in the auction, it was up to $46.16! I sent my wife an excited text and hoped that it might go for over $50.

With ten seconds left I watched the price jump to $59 then $90 then $111 then END. Final sale price – $149.14.

Awesome sauce.

So now I have a nice Paypal balance to get some more of my missing Topps sets and Diamond Kings.

Final Tally-

298 – base (330)

56 – inserts

1- game-used jersey

2- doubles(Wow!)

1- 1/1 platinum

358 total cards

Let me know if you’d like to trade for any of the cards I pictured in this post and thanks for reading!