Addiction as Therapy Giveaway #2 – 2016 Topps Heritage


It’s time for my annual thank you giveaway to my readers!

On Wednesday I’ll be purchasing my first hobby box of the set and shipping out a sealed pack from the box to two lucky readers!

To be in the drawing for a pack all you need to do is comment on this post once. I’ll be posting a video of the drawing on Tuesday March 1st 12pm CST so the chance to enter will be cut off about ten minutes before then.

Thank you for reading and keeping the addiction alive!

A Referral from Wax Pack Gods?

I just happened to notice a lot of traffic at my blog today and checked the referrals tab under my wordpress account. There was one from Wax Pack Gods.

It seems Mr. Hughes has compiled quite the list of baseball card collecting resources and blogs at this link – WAX PACK GODS.

This is awesome! Kudos to Mr. Hughes for piecing this all together!

Go check it out and perhaps discover your new favorite site!

Hobby Box Break #15 – 2015 Gypsy Queen

A few weeks back I was on a focus group for the new exhibit  Martin Luther and the Art of the Reformation at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I believe it will be showing at the MIA from October 2016-January 2017 and then onto Chicago, New York, and Wittenberg. If you have a chance to check it out at one of those places, do! It looks really cool and they are doing a correlation of the invention of the Printing Press’s role in spreading the Bible and Martin Luther’s ideas with the current era’s inventions of the internet and social media.

For two hours of my time and opinions the MIA bequeathed upon me a shiny $50 Visa gift card. I traded that gift card and ten bucks for another 2016 Topps Series 1 Hobby box from my local card shop, Three Stars Sportcards. I was able to complete my base set from the box and also received three pretty good hits.

A Harper Camo SP

Willie Mays Coin & Stamp #/50

Another Clear Acetate – Papi & the Prince (Yep. I bought two boxes and pulled a clear acetate from each! That’s 2 out of 3600 cards in the world!)

Since my budget is pretty limited I sold those cards (those are my actual listings!) and returned to Three Stars Sportcards to splurge on a box of Gypsy Queen! Here’s what I pulled!


Four “hits” per box for $95 is pretty good but I probably would have never bought it if I didn’t have the money from my eBay sales. You get 25 packs with a total of 250 cards. $0.38/ card is a little pricey for me since I’m mainly a set collector.


Here’s my first card. I had been buying some discounted Target blaster boxes and really fell in love with the design and the card stock.


I think every pack came with a mini card. These are my variants. At this moment I’m not collecting the minis so let me know if you’d like to trade for any of these! I also have a mini 328 Eckersley ,334 L. Hernandez, and 264 Rios 56/99 (bronze/gold?). Let me know what you need for the base minis and I’ll see what I have!


I really like the hand drawn picture on this Basics of Base Ball mini. I think I’ll hold on to this one.


These are my regular size SPs. All of these are for trade since I’m not willing to spend the money to collect them. I also have  312 Palmer, another 318 Morgan, 325 Sparky Anderson, 336 Rivera, and 341 Konerko.


My two autos! Do I have any readers from St. Louis? These could be yours!


A nice Jeter relic with a pinstripe and a REALLY nice looking mini Verlander. I like the frame on the mini but I”m pretty sure I have a few readers who collect Tigers. Both of these are for trade!


This is a bronze paper-framed variant #’d 354/499 for trade. I really like the look of the paper-frames and have a page or 2 of the white ones. I also have Greinke 088/499, Street 011/499, and d’artaud 198/499 in bronze for trade. If anyone has some white-frames they don’t want send them my way please!


Cool looking insert. I think I’ll hang onto this.


These are pretty cool, too, but I’m not going to collect them. For trade! I also have GS-3 Adam Eaton, GS-5 Mike Aviles, GS-6 Dustin Ackley, and GS-9 Alex Gordon.


I’m going to collect the Queen’s Throwbacks, though! I love the pic of Nelson Cruz. I do have another copy of Kipnis (QT-25) for trade.


Walk off winners are also available for trade. I also have GWO-4 Ortiz, GWO-7 Freese, GWO-14 Perez, and GWO-24 Walker.


Within my hobby box was a mini box containing these variants. All of them are available for trade.


In my 2nd Hobby box break I pulled a 1/1 Platinum Jose Abreu RC checklist. I may have beaten that with this box!


I do a lot of selling on eBay and knew that Trout cards are pretty much the most popular of the current crop of players. I have no idea what this card will go for but I started the bidding at $40. Here’s the link to the auction – MIKE TROUT auto.

So, with my $50 gift card and whatever this auto sells for I pretty much got a FREE box of 2015 Gypsy Queen for two hours of my time at the MIA! Tatanka!


187 of 300 base

34 minis

26 inserts

1 AUTO redemption.

Here’s my WANTLIST if you can help me complete the set!

Thanks for reading!

1st Anniversary of Blogging Therapy

One year ago today I hit publish on my first blog post chronicaling my attempt at calming my mind post heart surgery thru baseball card collecting.

Some quick arithmetic shows me I posted 42 times this past year and was lucky enough to complete trades with 15 other collectors, some several times.

It’s been a little over two years since my heart surgery and I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement for me on the mental side of things.

I’m a stay-at-home dad so most of my daily tasks are centered around things without endings. There’s always going to be more dishes, more laundry, more accidents to clean up, more whining to endure, etc . . .

A few days ago my daughter was having a lovely breakdown and instead of getting stressed I grabbed a stack of 2004 Heritage and proceeded to put them in numerical order. By the time I was done her tantrum was also over and I completed a task.

I have a mathematical mind so being able to order a Heritage set centers me. There’s also a level a fulfillment that washes over me when I’m able to complete a set and look at all of the cards in the binder. The hobby is extremely calming for me.

At the end of the day, though, it’s just cardboard. This is a hobby I’m not expecting to make any sort of profit off of in the future. This is a hobby I simply enjoy doing. Baseball card collecting, along with  God, my family, and friends, has helped me carry on each and every day.

Thank you so much to all of my readers and trading partners. It’s truly a blessing to be able to connect with generous souls thru a common interest.

I’ll be holding my annual Heritage pack giveaway in a few weeks as a way to say thank you.

PSA time!

For several weeks after my heart surgery I was thoroughly convinced I was either dead or trapped in a dream because I was one of the lucky 25% of people who come down with delirium during recovery. No one is completely sure what causes it or what it even is but as someone who has endured it please take my advice – Don’t smoke, eat healthily, and get some exercise. My surgery was due to a genetic condition but most people have the ability to control their lifestyle to hopefully avoid heart problems.

Thanks for reading and here’s to another year of spending way too much money on pieces of cardboard!


Hobby Box Break # 14 – 2016 Topps series 1


It’s the 65th anniversary of Topps Baseball cards and this is my hobby box.


Country Breakfast? Is that his nickname? I really enjoyed the design of the 2015 series. This year’s seems hit and miss. Last night I read Night Owl Cards’ review. A lot of what he said rings true for me. Looking at Mr. Butler above I’m really annoyed that you can’t see the full A’s logo. This could have been some 9 year old’s first pack of baseball cards and he only gets 3/4 of a logo!


Berger’s Best inserts reprint one card from each of the 65 base sets released. I pulled 9, as you can see. I like these but I am a little annoyed that they used the same player multiple times. The checklists says Mike Trout and Cal Ripken, Jr each have a few cards. It’d have been nice to have 65 different players.


First Pitch inserts are back. I’ll be collecting these as well as the Berger’s Best.


Pressed into service is a Position player called upon to pitch theme. I like it especially since it has Ichiro’s pitching performance from last year.


Perspectives is the final insert set I’ll be collecting from Series 1. I really like the photography and it helps that they left the Base design elements completely off.


100 years of Wrigley Field is a fine set but I have no interest in collecting it. I do enjoy watching Cubs games on TV though. I think they do the best job broadcasting in all of baseball.


WHAT!?! Is this a “Tron” cross promotion? How did this design get through the approval process? I guess we all have different tastes and these are not for me.


These are alright. My son is old enough for Garbage Pail kids and he might get a kick out of these someday, too.


The Golds. I’m not really into these, either.


Strangely, I do like the Rainbow foils. I might attempt to collect the set as such. If you have any Rainbow foils you don’t want, send them my way, please!


I pulled this Black. 52/65. I’ll check with Remember the Astrodome and see if he’d like it.


I pulled a clear acetate! I’ll be checking with Remember the Astrodome on this one, too.


Design of the relic isn’t bad but I’m still not much of a fan of the jersey swatches. This is up for trade, too.


Yep. You’re jealous. I pulled the 1987 buyback. Black stamp means common so there are probably a LOT more 87’s out there being pulled.

Final Tally

310 of 350 base

48 inserts

0 doubles

I’m sure I’ll eventually pick up another hobby box but my indifference to most of the set has pushed me towards looking  at some of the other sets from the past, such as Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter, to fulfill my addiction until 2016 Heritage comes out next month. I don’t think I’ll be pursuing 2016 Topps Series 1 as vigorously as I did 2015.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you’re willing to trade!

PS – I almost forgot! I do have a few 2016 BUNT codes that I won’t use. Let me know if you’d like them!