2001 Topps Wantlist



491 Dave Justice


TC1 “Decades of Excellence” (Derek Jeter / Yogi Berra
TC2 “Power Corner” (Chipper Jones / Mike Schmidt)
TC3 “Glove Birds” (Brooks Robinson / Cal Ripken, Jr.)
TC4 “Mound Marksmen” (Bob Gibson / Pedro Martinez)
TC5 “Tools of Success” (Ivan Rodriguez / Johnny Bench)
TC6 “Shortstop Supremacy” (Ernie Banks / Alex Rodrigue
TC10 “New York State of Mind” (Casey Stengel / Joe Torr
TC12 “60 Home Run Club” (Roger Maris / Mark McGwire / S
TC13 “Heroes of Fenway” (Carl Yastrzemski / Ted William
TC14 “Mound Masters” (Roger Clemens / Cy Young / Greg M
TC15 “Sweetness” (Ted Williams / Tony Gwynn)
TC16 “Ironmen” (Cal Ripken, Jr. / Lou Gehrig)
TC17 “Southpaw Greatness” (Randy Johnson / Warren Spahn
TC20 “Barrier Breakers” (Jackie Robinson / Larry Doby)

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