The EBAY Addiction #3 – Hockey and MST3K

I learned how to skate during my sophomore year in high school. This is extremely late in life especially for a Minnesotan. So when it was announced that an NHL team was coming back to MN in the late 90’s, I dived head first into collecting the league’s trading cards.

This collecting bug only lasted a few years due to finances.

Now, in my research through the ebay-verse, I discovered renowned Diamond Kings artist, Dick Perez, painted an insert set called Ice Kings! The 1993-94 Donruss complete set could be had for a reasonable price.

1993-94 Donruss Ice Kings

I think I really started to watch Hockey around 1995 so these players are right on the Genesis of my fandom!


The Finnish Flash!

This has peaked my interest into collecting this year’s Upper Deck hockey main set. I’m pretty sure my next Hobby Box break will be the 2015-16 Series one.

Another love of mine throughout my life has been MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. This was a MN based TV program that aired for 10 seasons. My wife and I have it playing on our bedroom TV most nights.

One of the best episodes is undoubtably The FINAL SACRIFICE. If you’ve seen the episode you will understand my need for the next ebay purchased card.


If you haven’t take some time to enjoy great comedy!


Hobby Box Break #5 – 2013 Topps Heritage

As mentioned before I picked up an amazing craigslist lot of Topps Heritage that contained over 12 opened boxes of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

My first thought was that it was going to be a bunch of base and not much else. I was okay with this since I’m basically a set builder and needed all of those years.

Once I got home and actually started going through the boxes I discovered, to my huge surprise, all of the inserts and Short Prints were still there! This truly was an incredible find!

I traded a good stack of the SPs to Nolan’s Dugout since we seem to be in a battle of who can give who more cards. He sent back some great Bo Jacksons and 2011 Topps Update. I’d highly recommend becoming a trading partner with him if you haven’t done so yet.

The other SPs were thrown on ebay in order to build up my depleted Paypal fund. I used some of the money to buy a box of 2013 Heritage since I’ve been itching to open another hobby box. Here’s my break –

2013 Topps Heritage Hobby Box

The box topper was a buyback.


Here’s who came out.


My craigslist lot contained a few buybacks as well. I don’t really collect anything prior to 1979 but it is neat to have a few vintage cards to look at.

2013 heritage

Any Giants fans out there? Marco is 016/564 and looking for a new home.

2013 H relic

Miley is giddy with excitement because of the Alex Gordon Jersey Relic. I, on the other hand, truly prefer auto’s and have no real desire to hang on to very many Jerseys. Miley is 656/999. Both he and Gordon are looking for a nice new sleeve or 9 pocket outside of MN.

2013 h sp

SHORT PRINTS! I actually have doubles of the Holliday, Price, and Peavy from a blaster box I picked up. Speak now if you’d like any. Otherwise, you’ll find the whole lot on ebay next week.

2013 heritage01

Posey Photo Variation SP. Oddly, there is not a single one of these up on ebay. I might have to remedy that unless we can make a deal.

2013 h nap

There aren’t too many current Stars I collect. This is one of the few insert sets from Heritage I don’t hang on to. Let me know if you need them! I also have MM – Manny Machado but I didn’t get a pic for some reason.

2013 h nf bf

I do like the FLASHBACKS, though. I’ve updated my wantlists with all of the ones I need for the different years.

2013 h mm & tnn

I collect these as well. I have a double of the Jeter and a double of the Killebrew / Cabrera.

I’m not quite sure how many cards of the base set I opened since I had picked up some through a trade and some through a blaster box. My wantlists are up to date, though, and I do have some base doubles if you are interested.

Thanks for reading and hopefully be trading with you soon!

The EBAY Addiction #2 – Ichiro and the Masterpieces

ichiro Psa RC

With a nice little PAYPAL balance thanks to the sale of my 1/1 Jose Abreu (The guy who bought it is currently trying to resell it at twice the price he paid), it was time to buy some cardboard!

I wanted to pick up some Ichiro rookies before he gets his 3000 MLB hit. I have a feeling some of them might get out of my price range by then. I paid about $5 for the PSA 2001 Topps. Doesn’t it cost more than that to even get a card graded by PSA?

2001 Topps Gallery Ichiro #151

2001 Topps Gallery Ichiro #151

I really like the look of this card, especially the Japanese text. I tried to learn the language once but didn’t get further than counting to ten.

Bo Grand Slam cards

These weren’t on my Bo want list but I love the look and dichotomy of them. I imagine the first is the moment after he nailed a dinger and the second is just after he struck out.

This was a great Diamond Kings catch for me. The 1994 and 1995 sets by Dick Perez seem more playful and “90s” to me. Images of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air run through my head.

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces

I think some guy just wanted to get these out of his house because I picked up about 1000 UD Masterpieces for about $0.25 plus shipping.  After taking out a complete set I noticed I had about 4-5 more complete sets in the lot. If you have 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces needs – I’m the guy to come to!

The EBAY Addiction #1 – Cal Ripken and the Studio

I’ve always had trouble sleeping.

My hope was this would improve but since my heart surgery it hasn’t. On the nights my body doesn’t seem to want to shut down for rest my mechanical valve goes click, cliCK, CLICK like a jackhammer in my head. As one doctor has said, “That’s a good thing. If you don’t hear it then that’s a problem! You’ll get used to it.”

So, to distract my mind I jump on EBAY.

Being a stay-at-home-dad doesn’t pay much (I make $0.00/hr) but, thankfully, my wife let’s me keep track of the finances.  This allows me to spend a few bucks on The Hobby without worrying about being short for family expenses.

Here’s what the mailman brought recently from the worldwide garage sale.


Since I stopped coIlecting baseball cards from about 1992-2013 thought it would be fun to get a few boxes of 1993 Donruss Series one as a change of pace in my pursuit of the Diamond Kings. Oh, we learn from our mistakes. Between the two boxes all I pulled was a total of 7 DK’s. Three of them were duplicates (Actually, one was a triplicate – anyone want to trade for a Roberto Kelly?).

Note to self – no more boxes for Diamond Kings

I came across a Cal RIpken Diamond Kings lot for less than $10. Usually, I see the 1996 DK’s for more than that.


1997 Diamond Kings – Cal Ripken


1996 King of Kings – Cal Ripken

I’m not sure if it’s going to be in my budget to collect the 1997 and 1998 Diamond Kings since they seem to be scarcer. This is a beautiful card, though!


1998 Diamond Kings – Cal Ripken

Gallery of Stars? Also painted by Dick Perez? Oh oh. I might have to collect these, too.


BO’s on FIRE

I’m not into football or football cards but I had to have this!


2015 Topps Fire – Bo Jackson



Cardboard connection had an article about cheap stets from the 90’s. I’m still in the process of ripping the packs but this was the first card I saw.


I live in MN so this made me smile.

2011 Topps Update Eric Hosmer RC 


Boxes of 2011 Topps Update seem to go for 3x what they should on ebay thanks to some holy fish in California. I loved the way Hosmer played during the Royal’s playoff run last year and picked his card up for about a buck. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to get the complete 2011 update set for less than a Ben Franklin (Our GREATEST President)!