Hobby Box Break #8 – Topps 2001 Series 2

I’ve been dreading writing this post. My box of 2001 Series 1 was in pretty good condition. My series 2 box – not so much.

ALL of the cards were stuck together! I’m a set collector for the most part and I’m not too concerned with top condition cards but I’m guessing at least half of the cards I opened have significant damage. I threw away about 20 that were just horrible. Here’s an example.

2001 s2

Sigh. Here we go anyways.


My box! Little did I know what awaited me.


My first card. Most of the top cards are okay. Occasionally there was some damage to the back but I’m not too concerned with that as long as I can read all of the stats.

2001 s2 notes

The inserts seemed to turn out okay, though. There must have been a slightly different card stock or coating.

2001 s2 inserts

I’ve decided to collect the Topps Combos inserts. Since I’m a fan of Diamond Kings painted cards always draw me in. I’m not sure if these are actually painted or just have a photoshopped filter on them. Either way I like them!

2001 s2 golds inserts01

What Could Have Been inserts.

2001 s2 golds inserts

Before There Was Topps.

2001 s2 golds


2001 s2 auto

I did get an Auto! Mr. Durbin had a 14 year career but was never really a dominant pitcher. STATS.

2001 s2 ichiro

Sadness. This is the card I really, reALLY, REALLY wanted! As you can see it didn’t make it into my hands safely. It’s just cardboard but it’s still disappointing.


316 of 385 base

30 inserts

37 doubles

1 auto.

Hopefully this is the only time I experience a box break of damaged cards.

My wantlist is up Here.

Thanks for reading!

Hobby Box Break #7 – 2001 Topps Series 1

When I first returned to card collecting my main goals were collecting Donruss Diamond Kings and completing Topps Base sets from my birth year(1979) to the present. My research for the base sets led me to the LIFETIME TOPPS PROJECT. That blog has been a great resource, excellent trading partner, and inspired me to finish the base sets the way God intended – by breaking boxes!

I ordered my hobby box for 2001 series 1 thru Baseball Card Exchange.

Here’s what I got –


Nomar, Piazza, and Big Mac on the box.


Shiny Gold packs for Topps 50th anniversary.


My first card. I was warned that the cards might stick together and they certainly did. I don’t think any were too damaged, though. I love the look of the set. Topps did a great job of making the cards appealing with large action photos and nicely done foil stamping.


I didn’t receive any truly exciting inserts. Here’s Roger.


Griffey and Chipper both had great careers.


Cool! A player I collect!

200102 2001

And two I don’t. The Golden inserts sure do look neat, though.

2001 reprints02 2001 reprints01 2001 reprints

Topps included reprints of a number of their past cards. I don’t think I’m going to collect them since I’d need the other 46 to complete the set.

2001 gold02 2001 gold01 2001 gold

I love painted cards! i think I’ll try to acquire the rest of these.

2001 gold03

Only three gold variants. No one too exciting. This year’s set looks incredible with the foil, though.

My final numbers are thus.

337 of 405 base.

16 inserts

7 doubles.

Here’s a link to my wantlist if you can help me out

2001 Topps

I also have a box of series 2 to break open. Hopefully I can post the results in a day or two.

Thanks for reading!