Year End Wrap Up 2016

There are a few sets I’d love to complete thru trading.

2016 Topps Heritage

I only need 4 cards! If you have any let me know!

  • 444 Rizzo SP
  • 481 Pujols SP
  • Baseball Flashback BF-RM Roger Maris
  • Then and Now TAN-CC Cabrera / Clemente

2016 Topps Series 1 & 2

I need a bunch, still. Follow the link for my needs!

2016 Topps Update

Also a pretty vast list.

2007 Topps Heritage

These are mostly SPs but there are a few base, as well. I do have some 2004 Heritage SPs I’d be willing to trade for the 2007.

This past year has been great from a set collecting standpoint! I’ve made almost 50 trades with other collectors!

I also started set building Allen & Ginter from 2011 to current. I have a box set aside with a hundred or so inserts and minis ready to be traded. Let me know what you need and hopefully you could fill in some of my needs here.

Also, if you are a collector of Gypsy Queen minis I have several stacks I’d like to find a new home.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and here’s to a Happy New Year of the hobby!