Dances with Trades #7 -Kershaw’s Stamp

I’ve been very lucky so far this year acquiring some great new trading partners.

First, Marc from REMEMBER THE ASTRODOME knocked off more than 100 from my 1984 wantlist. He’s an Astos fan and will take what you have of them!

Then, Greg from helped complete my 2014 Topps Heritage base set and sent about 67 cards for my 2011 Topps Update needs as well as a few inserts. His wantlists are posted as well!

And we have Jace from CARDS MY MOTHER DIDN’T THROW OUT. He just joined the blogosphere in the past several weeks and seems to be extremely active with the trading community. I sent him a few Diamondbacks including a 2015 Archie Bradley Auto and a Goldschmidt Relic. He sent over a stack of 1984 and 2003 Topps and also this beauty –

kershaw stamp

The kids and I were just driving home from Sunday School today when I checked the mailbox and found Jace’s package with this card inside. I was floored! This is now one of the coolest cards in my collection.

kershaw stamp back

I think Kershaw is my favorite active player not only because of his dominance on the mound but also due to his ability to be in the spotlight and shine his Christian light. I pray everyday that the kids, my wife and I can carry ourselves as we ought to in God’s eyes. I think Mr. Kershaw most likely does, as well.

Thank you so much for everyone’s willingness to trade and their generosity. Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my heart surgery. I’ve noticed in the past year that I’m doing much better mentally. A lot of days are a struggle with my PTSD popping up and keeping me awake but the Hobby is very calming and methodical and it’s great to be a part of  a community that’s helpful and generous.


Thanks for reading!


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