Dances with Trades #6 – Tis the Season

There is so much generosity in the baseball card collecting community it warms the heart.

In MN right now it’s raining and there is no accumulated snow on the ground. So as I’m dreaming of a White Christmas I’ve completed a number of trades.

The most recent comes from 2 x 3 Heroes. I was able to knock off a good portion of his 2015 Update, 2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey series 1, and some various other cards a few weeks back. Luckily I keep a spreadsheet of my trades now because I had almost completely forgotten about it when a package arrived from him. WOW! He shredded my 2015 Topps inserts wantlists with his generosity. He also sent these –

2x3 trade

Those are original 1973 Topps. I love the look and feel of older cards and the only ones I had were buybacks. Now, I can start a new page of originals thanks to 2 x 3 Heroes!

He sent 6 total including the Bambino!

2x3 h01

He’s also the first person to send me 2015-16 Young Guns SP! Thank you!

I also had the pleasure of completing trades with Mr. Jones of Golden Rainbow Cards. He’s a Braves collector if you’d like to get in touch with him.

Kyle of Nolan’s Dugout has a vast wantlist and has been one of my best repeat offenders in extreme generosity.

Mr. Horton aka vrooomed at the Trading Card Database is still searching for 2015 Golds and is a Phillies collector.

And the man who influenced me into blogging Mr. Mowry of the LIFETIME TOPPS PROJECT. 

I never seem to have enough desire to scan all of the cards I receive so I just wanted to say thank you again to my wonderful trading partners!

I’m accumulating more sets in my collection so please take a look at my wantlists and send me a message if you’d like to trade!

Happy Christmas to all and God bless!

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