Hobby Box Break #11 – 2007 Topps Heritage

I love me my Heritage! My wantlists for 2008-2015 are trimmed down so it’s time to start working my way back to 2001.


The 2007 set is done in the style of the 1958 Topps Baseball release.


My box contained a felt team emblem.


Any Dodgers fans out there? This can be yours!


My first card was Big Game James. Lots of solid color on the backgrounds of these cards. My wife also tried a piece of the gum. Not recommended!


I believe there is a card for each of Mantle’s HRs for the year. I received four. Let me know if you’d like these!


Along the same lines are shiny A-Rod inserts. This can be yours, as well.


I normally don’t collect the New Age Performers but these are both players I collect. Bonus!


I love the history lesson Heritage has on its inserts.


And the generational shift.


Shiny chromes up for trade. Ausmus is 1007/1958. Garland is 0946/1958.


My relic. This is on it’s way to a Mr. John Hazen.

Final Tally

175 of 494 base.

13 inserts

1 relic

1 double

I normally don’t collect the SPs but since the numbering is pretty funky I might have to. I like to put my heritage sets in a three-ring binder and would have to compensate for the gaps. As an example – cards #4 & #5 are listed as SPs but 1-3 and 6-12 aren’t. Thus we have the birth of my first collecting PET PEEVE.

My wantlist for the set can be found here.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you can swing a trade with me!

2 thoughts on “Hobby Box Break #11 – 2007 Topps Heritage

  1. Man I love your box breaks. It’s like a virtual way I can enjoy ripping something well out of my price range.

    I don’t think I have much in the way of these in my trade box but I’ll dig. I’ll try and work out a trade for that Garland unless someone else stakes a claim to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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