HOBBY BOX BREAK #6 – 2011 Topps Lineage

Well, it’s a RETAIL box, technically, but I didn’t want to start another category.


A Twin on the box alongside Mickey Mantle!?! We had a good run while Mauer, Morneau, and Cuddyer were batting in the heart of the order and Johan Santana was on the mound. Mauer is the only piece left but now he’s the veteran to guide Sano, Buxton, and Vargas as the Twins hopefully start another string of division championships.

2011 Lineage01

Retail boxes had a hit. This is mine. I have a stack of Jersey relics that need a new home along with this one. Let me know if you are interested. This card is actually a 1975 mini. It’s hard to tell in the scan but it’s a tiny card.

2011 Lineage V and cloth

These are the cloth inserts. The base set consists of 200 cards with the same design but not cloth. The base is shiny white much like every other Topps set for 4-5 years.

2011 Lineage

These are my keepers. I collect them both.

2011 Lineage Platinums

Here are my platinum variations available for trade.

2011 Lineage Diamonds

Diamond inserts for Topps’ 50 anniversary. Also available for trade.

2011 Lineage V and cloth01

Venezuelan variations. Who wants them?

2011 Lineage minis

More 1975 Mini’s but without a jersey swatch. I love that Cy Young played for the Spiders. I might hang on to him but the others can be in your mailbox in less than a week.

2011 Lineage 3d and more02

3D cards. Not a bad scan!

2011 Lineage 3d and more01

I pulled a few of the 2011 Rookies inserts but have already found a home for the others. This one is still available, though.

2011 Lineage 3d and more

And a Stand-up. If you want this you have to send me a picture back of this card punched out and standing somewhere!

Final Tally-

159 – base (200)

32 – inserts

1- game-used jersey


191 total cards

Most cards pictured are available for trade.

Here’s my wantlist if you can help me out! 2011 Topps Lineage

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