2015 Topps Archives Baseball – A Quasi-Review

The formula for Topps Archives seems to be taking stars from past and present and whipping up some cards with designs from the vault. I am all for it.

2015 Archives

There are three designs used. 1957 (Bo Jackson), 1976 (Big Mac), and 1983 (Gwynn). Each design gets 100 base cards for a total of 300 in the base set.

There are 10 Short Prints for each design as well but the cards seem to be extremely rare.

I bought three blaster boxes and half a dozen hobby packs and I’ve yet to see a SP in person.

2015 archives 3

I did get a few Gold Parallels. Each is #/50.

2015 archives 301

Silver Parallels #/199.

2015 archives JFK

Presidential inserts.

2015 archives 1

Will Ferrell cards. I have two of these for trade as well as his SF Giants cards.

There are also a few other insert sets but I’m too lazy to do anymore scans. Here’s a link to the full review from Cardboard Connection.

The card stock does seem pretty flimsy for all of the cards and the hobby price point seems pretty steep at $90-100/box but the blaster boxes are plentiful for set collectors like myself.

Here’s my wantlist – 2015 Topps Archives.

I have LOTS AND LOTS of base doubles. I think my last Blaster box only netted me about 5 cards I needed for the set so I’m not going to throw anymore money at it.

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