Hobby Box Break #5 – 2013 Topps Heritage

As mentioned before I picked up an amazing craigslist lot of Topps Heritage that contained over 12 opened boxes of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

My first thought was that it was going to be a bunch of base and not much else. I was okay with this since I’m basically a set builder and needed all of those years.

Once I got home and actually started going through the boxes I discovered, to my huge surprise, all of the inserts and Short Prints were still there! This truly was an incredible find!

I traded a good stack of the SPs to Nolan’s Dugout since we seem to be in a battle of who can give who more cards. He sent back some great Bo Jacksons and 2011 Topps Update. I’d highly recommend becoming a trading partner with him if you haven’t done so yet.

The other SPs were thrown on ebay in order to build up my depleted Paypal fund. I used some of the money to buy a box of 2013 Heritage since I’ve been itching to open another hobby box. Here’s my break –

2013 Topps Heritage Hobby Box

The box topper was a buyback.


Here’s who came out.


My craigslist lot contained a few buybacks as well. I don’t really collect anything prior to 1979 but it is neat to have a few vintage cards to look at.

2013 heritage

Any Giants fans out there? Marco is 016/564 and looking for a new home.

2013 H relic

Miley is giddy with excitement because of the Alex Gordon Jersey Relic. I, on the other hand, truly prefer auto’s and have no real desire to hang on to very many Jerseys. Miley is 656/999. Both he and Gordon are looking for a nice new sleeve or 9 pocket outside of MN.

2013 h sp

SHORT PRINTS! I actually have doubles of the Holliday, Price, and Peavy from a blaster box I picked up. Speak now if you’d like any. Otherwise, you’ll find the whole lot on ebay next week.

2013 heritage01

Posey Photo Variation SP. Oddly, there is not a single one of these up on ebay. I might have to remedy that unless we can make a deal.

2013 h nap

There aren’t too many current Stars I collect. This is one of the few insert sets from Heritage I don’t hang on to. Let me know if you need them! I also have MM – Manny Machado but I didn’t get a pic for some reason.

2013 h nf bf

I do like the FLASHBACKS, though. I’ve updated my wantlists with all of the ones I need for the different years.

2013 h mm & tnn

I collect these as well. I have a double of the Jeter and a double of the Killebrew / Cabrera.

I’m not quite sure how many cards of the base set I opened since I had picked up some through a trade and some through a blaster box. My wantlists are up to date, though, and I do have some base doubles if you are interested.

Thanks for reading and hopefully be trading with you soon!

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