Dances with Trades #2 – Fernando for GOLD!

It’s been awhile.

My wife and I bought a house. No more cramming 4 people into a 700 sq ft 2 bedroom condo. Now we have room to stretch out and let the kids graze in the spacious yard.

Also, I have room to work on organizing my card collection!

On The Trading Card Database this listing caught my eye –

2015 Topps Baseball – Gold Parallel cards wanted

I knew I had a few cards from my box so I sent them over.

In return he helped me compete some holes in my Fernando collection! I was able to complete the first page of both Topps and Donruss.

Fernando Topps page 1

Fernando Topps page 1

With my player collection, I like to have the base cards in chronological order and separate them by different sets. It’s neat to see the progression of aging as well as design.

Fernando Donruss page 1

Fernando Donruss page 1

I know I completed a few trades with others as well but it’s been a few months and I can’t remember exactly who gave me what (darn you post heart surgery brain!). To those I missed, thank you for the cards!

Next week Topps Series 2 comes out! Check back for my box break and let me know if you’d like any of the cards! Thanks for reading!

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