Potatoes, Ham , and Cheese

Potatoes, ham, and cheese

Potatoes, ham, and cheese

All you need in life are

Potatoes, ham, and cheese

song I sang to my 18 month-old daughter during dinner tonight.

I have a checklist of posts I need to do. Most of them involve the several trades I’ve completed with various readers and fellow blogmates. However, I don’t feel like scanning cards so I’ll talk about my associative addiction – fantasy baseball.

The 2015 season is almost upon us. I’ve been in a friend’s league for the past six years or so and every day I check my email multiple times hoping the draft date details are there. Alas, it is not so.

I LOVE the draft. I love the 20-25 minutes I spend every year prepping. It doesn’t take me long to decide who my sleepers are and what players I’m going to avoid. We do a live standard draft online but I do miss the days of getting together with everyone in person.

Life is about shared experiences. There’s a camaraderie in being in the same “league” as others and watching the MLB year unfold through day-to-day box scores and highlights.

This is a way to reach out. You are not alone. I am not alone. We love baseball in all of its forms.

When I score tickets from my wife’s work the kids and I hop on the light rail and watch the Twins play outdoors. Most of the time  I’m rooting more for the fantasy guys I have on the opposite team. This will hopefully change once the Twins can start finishing the year above .500 again. Besides, Oswaldo Arcia is one of my sleepers this year.


I’m always looking to join another fantasy league, especially a rotisserie! After watching Silly Little Game it would be nice to give it a try. Let me know if you have a spot open for me and thanks for reading!

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